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My thoughts for new parents, puppy mills, and backyard breeders.

Adopting an English bulldog puppy should be approached with much thought, research and care. Seriously consider the following statement:

This will be a lifetime commitment to another living, breathing soul!

 Before you decide to adopt a pet please carefully deliberate on the following questions.

  • Will I have enough free time to spend with my new English bulldog puppy?
  • Is an English bulldog puppy the right pet for me?
  • Do I want this English bulldog puppy simply because it is the "in thing" or on the most popular TV show?
  • Does an English bulldog puppy have a personality and activity level, which suits our family and environment?
  • Is this the right time in my life for a new pet?
  • Am I committed to raising my new English Bulldog Puppy?
  • What would happen if I became unable to care for my English bulldog puppy?
  • Has this English bulldog puppys parents and ancestors been carefully screened and selected?  Was this done well in advance of the actual breeding?  Is the breeder an expert or just a person that has a few dogs and plans to make a little extra money?  Have you done enough research to be able to distinguish between the two?

So many pets end up abandoned, overlooked, ignored, neglected and in shelters and rescues unnecessarily.  Shelters and rescues are overwhelmed by the number of pets being surrendered to them. This is a burden that can be greatly reduced if the new parent takes the time to seriously consider each of the questions above and to educate themselves prior to making a long term commitment.  Please take the time and be part of the solution, not part of the problem.

Puppy mills, as well as backyard breeders, produce a mass of pups that have not had any genetic or health screening.  These "breeders", and I use this term loosely, do not screen the dam or sire that will be used for breeding.  There simply is no plan.  Just get 'em pregnant and sell them.

The result is massed produced pups that have health problems, emotional challenges and are generally lacking quality in the various areas such as confirmation to breed standards, health, and temperament. 

The goal and pride of an ethical English bulldog breeder is to produce a pup that has high marks in the areas of health, temperament and conformation to breed standards.  A breeding should only take place if it is going to improve the breed.  No one should just breed dogs together for money, or to let their children experience the wonderment of birth.  I know this may sound negative or critical, but if you just could see the things that dogs with health problems as well as the abandoned & neglected dogs go through you would agree.  Consider the amount of pain, financial burden and emotional chaos that is brought about just because a breeder breeds without consideration.  The internet is full of information and horror stories.  Take the time to explore and educate yourself in order to make a good decision.  Do not support the people that perpetuate these abuses. 

Additionally, it is the responsibility of the breeder to only allow the pup to go to a home that has the time, means, stability and sufficient knowledge of dogs to assure that the pup has a permanent, healthy environment for the rest of its life.  English bulldog puppies should not be allowed to go to homes where there is any doubt as to the stability, knowledge or intent of the new parents.  If the new potential parents have not placed enough interest in gaining information prior to adoption, the relationship probably wont last, and therefore it should not take place.  Breeders as experts should understand and accept that it is our responsibility to be ethical, responsible breeders and to match the puppy with the correct folks. 

Shelters and Rescues do a wonderful job caring for neglected dogs and cats, but this is really a burden that is being unfairly placed on others.  We hope that eventually everyone will become aware of this problem.

We are concerned for the outcome of the pups we bring into the world.  I do not want to be responsible for bringing a bulldog baby into the world only to find out that it had to live its life out in a shelter or be neglected.  

All English bulldog puppies adopted from us are always welcome back to our home for the rest of their lives.  If a difficulty arises that will prevent you from properly taking care of the baby, please notify us immediately and we will be happy to assist you.  We have an open door policy for our pups.

E-Mail Priscilla@EnglishBullPup.com
Call Priscilla at 912-531-0044