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     I have received a tremendous number of emails and phone calls asking me to describe the differences in the various "Bulldog" breeds.  Since a photo is worth a thousand words I have attached a photo of each breed to show the differences of the various so called "Bulldogs".

     We only raise "English" Bulldogs which is the top photo. Please do not contact us regarding any of the other breeds shown since we only raise the type in the uppermost photo. In fact, this is a photo of one of our stud dogs.

     There are various qualified breeders that specialize in each of the other breeds shown. We are providing these photos to help reduce the amount of time we spend on the phone describing the differences. Our interest is solely in selecting and breeding healthy, well-balanced English Bulldogs which is the dog in the photo here.

English Bulldog
AKC Registered-Champion Bloodlines

Legs-Thick & Short
Tail-Naturally Short
            -Screw or Straight
Face-Heavily Wrinkled
Weight-45-65 Lbs.

This is the dog that most people think of when they hear the word "Bulldog". He has a tough appearance with an extremely gentle and loving disposition. The English Bulldog makes a wonderful family pet. He loves children. He is a ham for attention, a loyal-loving friend.  

 Examples of Other So Called "Bulldogs"

 Olde English Bulldogge
This dog is not AKC Registered

Bull Terrier

French Bulldog

American Bulldog


Bull Mastiff


"Pit Bull" Terrier

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