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Take a look at what the stork delivered to these wonderful families....


Danny and Buffy S.
Yellowknife, Northwest Territory, Canada

Things are going great with "Yoda", we love him dearly and he is our lil baby. He's spoiled but he's also getting the discipline he needs, as I did when I was a Marine. Not as bad though. haha. After all this time, about 2 weeks ago we finally decided to call him Yoda, after about 7 other names, I think he may be a lttle confused by now poor thing.  He gained about 7 lbs in about 2 weeks on the puppy food we first had, too rich. It's really cold up here, so we bought him all the winter clothes he can fit, haha. Looks cute. He loves the snow, but on colder nights whenever he has to go out, it's strictly business. We are really pleased with him, and are doing our best to suit his constant need for attention. Like I said he's kinda spoiled. He's making lots of friends up here though, mostly sled dogs and the odd labrador, even a chiuawa now and then. He's got quite the energy, and at times he acts like he's 10 ft tall and bullet proof, especially around bigger dogs. One day he just may realize he's not the biggest thing around.  Anyways, I just wanted to give you an update and send our wishes to you and your family this Christmas, we hope all is well and we wish you the best. Thank you for all you've done. Take care.


"Zeke" http://www.collinsimages.com

This Dog that we have is the best thing that
ever happend to us. We cant tell you how much we love this little
joker, he just makes us so happy and just loves everyone and thing. I
had no idea that I would love an animal so much, but he is my Buddy! His little
routines, and the things that he does just makes us so happy. Thank
you again for giving us such a wonderful friend and best buddy!

Chris and Carrie C.
Fayetteville, Ga

Minister Update

Dear Priscilla,

Merry Christmas to you and your family! 

Our handsome Minster is a spokesdog for a local television station in San Francisco. 

Here is the link to his video clip: 

He is doing really well.  The vet says he is ultra-healthy – in perfect fitness with a nice, small waist.  Oh!  A man named Grover G. bought  Bugga from you a few months ago on our recommendation!  We cannot recommend your breeding skills highly enough.

We keep looking at the new puppies…I really want another, but Everett isn’t ready for two dogs.  I’m working on breaking him down…lol!

Here’s to the best for you in 2010!




Susan J.
Austin, Tx

We love him to pieces!!


Canada, Québec

Hi! I send you 2 picture of Agathe (Belvie), 11 mois, borne 29 october 2008. ( mother mugwie and father luke).
I love her so much!!  

Lauren H.
Fresno, CA

Ryan and I just took our engagement pictures and of course Bella (Logan) was a natural super model :) She has filled our lives with a lot of fun a laughter. Thank you again!

Just thought you would like to see her photoshoot.


Dan and Gina D.

She is just wonderful. She is settling in just fine and the kids are enjoying her.


Michele C.
Charlotte, NC

I just wanted to share some photos w/ you ... Jack has such a fantastic personailty.  Teething has mostly run its course and he is settling into his role as "happy ole boy ". He loves chasing toys but that lasts only a few minutes (he prefers to sit and chill out !)

He certainly is healthier than our Meatball. No vomiting or allergy issues. His breathing is great and his nares are wide and he always sounds comfortable. 

He does show his stubborn side but it isnt in a disobedient way...he is just being himself.

He and Brutus get along most of the time except for the ankle biting he does to provoke playtime (Brutus is 13 so his idea of playing doesnt involve rolling around).

Jack actually likes his baby pool and stands at it when he wants it filled. I empty it after each playtime to be safe. 

He is very intune with nature (birds and bugs) and even shows curiosity over passing planes or boats.

I took him to the beach for the first time after dinner last week when it was cool and he had no interest in the water but loved rolling face first in the sand...so adorable!

Thanks again for entrusting us with him--- he is the center of our universe and everyone he meets falls in love as well.

I just thought you might get a kick out of seeing how truly "loved and enjoyed" one of your pups is.  We bought him from you back in June for my daughter for her birthday. Anyways I just thought that you might get a kick out of it.

Heather J.












"Nessi and Hummer"
Randy C. - Cross Lanes, WV

I got the pups. They are very healthy and seem to be very happy.
Thanks for beautiful puppies.


Patti T. - Ann Harbor, MI










Thanks for a wonderful puppy. The vet is awestruck with her. He says she is extremely healthy and beautiful. We hope that Roszi
 has adjusted to her new family. We are smitten with Mitzi.













Shoshanna B. - South Boston, Mass

She’s doing well.  She has adjusted well and seems very happy.  The vet says she’s a beautiful and healthy puppy.  I have a dog walker come twice a day while I’m at work for 30 minuets each, so I think that helps her a lot.  We try not to spoil her……  she’s starting to listen to us and she’s already potty trained.  She plays all night with our other dog (which is 145 lbs)….. he rolls on his stomach and lets her jump on him…. I think he helps us out too. I have received the AKC papers. They were at the post office.


"Maximus Kalil"
Ryan K. and Natalie-NC
#67 Ryan-Carolina Panthers-Center 

Thanks for all the information. We named him Maximus Kalil. He isn't so little anymore.          






"Kali & Bailey"

Ivory Keyes-Norfolk, VA

Rock/Hip Hop/Rap Music Artist

Thanks for two wonderful puppies. They are very nice bulldogs. I am enjoying having them with me.



Kevin M. -Coldstream, BC, Canada

We are having a great time with Ginger. She is presently running around the living room chasing my son (clumsily).
We went to the vets yesterday evening and she stole the show. Bulldogs are not common around here and she is so pretty that she got lots of attention. She was pronounced ‘perfect’. 
Thanks for a great dog.














Karen & Bob H.-CA

I just wanted to tell you how well all three girls are doing together. We named the baby Madeline. She and Scarlett and Pearl are the best pals. I've been taking so many pictures it's hard to decide what to send. Bob and I keep telling each other how much we love having three. Everyone  one who sees them thinks they are so beautiful. We are  so proud of them!! Thanks a million!!





Jan & Mike B.-TN


He loves to grab a toy and try to climb on our laps if we're on the floor with him.   He's well loved, that's for sure!!!





Janae H.-Fl. 

I have fallen in love with him so much. He is the sweetest thing I have ever encountered. He is going to start puppy classes in August and I get to bring him home to meet my family at the end of this month.. I can't wait. Thank you so much for all you have done. Getting a puppy from you was a great experience.




Stephanie V.-Alta Loma, CA

Thank you so much for all of your help getting this wonderful puppy!!!





Mike and Sasha C.-Nova Scotia, Canada

Trinity had her vet check-up today and all went very well. I was asked by my vet to compliment you on what a good job you have done with your breeding choices. She said that she is absolutely beautiful. She gave her two thumbs up and is thrilled to know that breeders are still working hard to keep on improving the breed.


Penny B. - AKC Inspector

You have a beautiful farm.  Your dogs are beautiful. It is obvious they are loved and well taken care. Everything is very clean and organized. This is the way a breeding facility should be kept. Your dedication and hard work shows.






Misty and Mike H. and Boys

 She is an absolute joy!  She doing very well with
house training and loves to take walks on the leash.
(Of course, she's the center of attention everywhere we go!)

Wanted to include this photo so you could see her.
(This was the one we used for our Christmas card...
don't ask how we managed to get two kids and a puppy up in that tree!)

Merry Christmas and thank you for our early Christmas gift! 




 Miguel Del V.-Bakersfield, Ca


He is so Cute!!



Carrie & Chris C.

We are proud of our new little guy, and he is feeling more and more at home every day.  He is a special little pet!  He is really happy to be here and we are happy that we have him!








Patty H.

She is the cutest thing and continues to get cuter every day.  She has really become a fantastic addition to our family.  Her and Tank have really become great friends.  She has come into the house and taken over all of the pillows on the floor.  She also loves to play tug with Tank, and loves to annoy the heck out of him.  Sometimes she just won't let it go.

She has gained eight pounds since we have gotten her and the vet says she is great.  She is definely a piggy when it comes to food.
I had wanted to say, Thank You So Much.  



Angela S.-Al.

The family is having a ball with her. Thanks.

Karen & Bob H.-CA

My husband Bob and I live north of San Francisco. We got our puppy, Pearl on December 17. We picked her up at the Oakland Airport which was such an exciting day.

I can't say enough good things about Priscilla and the beautiful, healthy dogs she raises. You can tell by the temperament and health that these dogs are loved!

Pearl is our second English bulldog. We lost our first girl, Roxanne to cancer in November at the age of 12. It seems like we have had Pearl forever. She fit right from the day we got her, she's absolutely beautiful and gets better everyday!

"Gosh I'm Tired"!!!




Thanks for my new little sister!!



Renee G.-Fl

 Porter is a great puppy! We are so happy to have him. He gets along well with our other dog and our little boy. They have definitely found another playmate. He is great addition to our family!






Marisa and Burton F.
We were just wanting to send you pictures of Dixie.  She is the BEST dog.  She minds so good.  And she is just the sweetest thing.  She is definitely a momma's girl.  But she adores her daddy too.  She gets along so good with her brother. (he's a beagle)  Anyway we just wanted to say thank you for her.  She is the best dog.  Very well behaved and very rotten.  We don't know who did that to her.  Anyway thanks again.  You've got the Best dogs.




Neeley & Chris B.

We just wanted to keep you all up to date with our wonderful little man "Brinks"! He has brought so much joy and love to our home. He has turned out to be the puppy we hoped he would be.  He is perfectly healthy and amazingly smart.  "Brinks" was very easy to potty train. We've been quite lucky with that, and he has also learned how to sit, stay, come, shake, and lay down.  He is spoiled to death and is loved more than he knows!!

Thank you truly from our hearts to yours!!




Cale and Angie P.

We just wanted to share with you how excited and happy we are about our new member of the family.  Bear is growing fast and gets more personality each day.  It is funny to see how much he loves attention.  If someone walks by him and doesn't acknowledge him, it seems to actually offend him!!  He follows them for a few steps and then sits down and looks puzzled as he stares after them!  He also LOVES hills, he plunges down them and either ends up galloping or sometimes tumbling the rest of the way.  He is also so smart.  He learned "sit" the second week we had him and he knows "outside". If he wakes up and we ask him "outside?" and he doesn't want to go (which is almost always) he closes his eyes like he is still sleeping and then slowly opens one to see if we are still watching him!!!  He has been a joy, thanks so much!!!



Jennifer & John L. - Fl.

Hauser is doing great, he is a great
addition to our family.  He definitely has his own personality and is funny.


Jeremy M. - Fl 

Just thought I'd forward some already outdated pictures of Sanford.  He is doing wonderful and is very happy here.  He has the best, most pleasant personality and is such a joy for me!  I think he might be getting a little spoiled, but he's so easy-going I think it's okay...Whenever we go out together, I feel like I'm traveling with a celebrity.  He's so popular it's hard to get anything done.  We went to the farmers market 2 weeks ago, and I bet he had his picture made with almost 10 random people from the crowd!  One of his funniest quirks is that he loves his bath.  I bathe him in the kitchen sink, and now every time I turn on the sink, he's climbing up my leg trying to get a bath...  Isn't that funny- I've never had a dog that wanted a bath, only ones that would tolerate it! Take care, and thanks for such a wonderful dog!



Everett, Shannon, & Collier -Ca

Just wanted to send some holiday cheer your way!  We love him, Priscilla.  Minster is a great dog - smart, funny, entertaining and easily trained.  Just a delight and a perfect new member of our family.  Thank you for a wonderful boy!  Happy Holidays to you and your family. Best always!



Amber H.

 She is "mama's" baby (and daddy's), that's for sure!  She brings so much joy to our lives.  She wants a little brother or sister for Christmas! She's a very good girl.  Thanks for the
beautiful bully!

Happy Birthday Calster! That cake sure looks good!!


"UGA'S Bailey Boy"
Christie B.  

Hi, Bailey is absolutely wonderful! He is so smart and playful. We love him so much! We call him our "son" when referring to him and both of our sets of parents call him their "grandson". He's spoiled rotten and he knows just how to look to get himself out of trouble and all the attention he wants. We have never been so pleased with a dog that we have owned. I would like to thank you again for our wonderful "son".


Cathy P. - VA 

I thought I would let you know how Annabelle did in her first competition. She took 1st Place and Best of Breed. She is so funny and loves when people clap for her. She goes into show off mode. Thanks





"Bamm Bamm"
Cole & Sally F.

Bamm Bamm is doing very well at our home!!  He is a very good puppy!   I just wanted to tell you "Thank you" for giving us the opportunity to have this puppy!  We are all loving it!! (He loves to eat and wants to know every little thing!!)  Just wanted to share some of the pictures that we took and to tell you that he is doing fine!!   I hope you enjoy the picture!!  Best regards.




Nicole & Tracie M. - Iraq

Hi, Just wanted to send you some pictures of Gracie. She is a wonderful puppy and she is learning very fast! She is happy with us and loves her "Daddy" and "Mommy" very much. Thank you so much for her, we adore her and will continue to take care of her and provide her with a very fulfilling life. Take care and Thank You Again!!




Lisa A. - FL

Lulu is doing great and growing like a weed!!  It has truly been a blessing to have her be a part of our family. You can always expect a smile when you see her because she is so full of energy and loves everybody and every dog.  Our Vet calls her the "Social Queen"  and that is an understatement. Thank you for giving us the opportunity to experience life with Lulu.











"UGA'S Naughty Mistress Jezebelle"
Tori O.

I had to send some pics of Jezebelle. She is so sassy, bossy and playful.  We love her so much. Thanks








Twila J. - Virginia

Isn't she beautiful?  When I walk her, people come out of their apartments to greet her.  She meets
school children every morning before they get on the bus to go to school.  She's a big hit!  I love her!


We are very happy, and I thank God every day for the gift you have given me.  Libby is my best pal - a feisty, playful, loving bulldog that brings me joy every day!







 Ann C.





 "Just wanted to send you a picture of Dooley at 4 months. He's absolutely beautiful. Every where we go whether it be the vet or petsmart people flock to look  and pet him.  It's great!"


Chad G. - Illinois

He is a great dog!! We are proud of him and happy to have him as a part of our family.  He is so smart and catching on to things so quickly. Thanks again for all the advice and a great dog!!



John & Beth B. - North Carolina

 Buster is so laid back. He gets along very well with Tara. Thanks again for such a great puppy.











Tobin M.

"She is very playful. She is definitely a gift and we love her dearly."



Beth and John B. - Penn.

"My Vet stated that the breeder obviously knows what they're doing "Tara" has been well taken care of. "We dearly love Tara. She is so smart."









"UGA'S Handsome Hoss"
Tori O. 

"He is great."







"Arctic Princess Hime"
Anne L.- Alaska


We love her very much.



 Patty F.

"She is wonderful. The kids love her to death."




Adam S. - Los Angles, Ca

He is a really cool pup. Thanks so much.


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