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Even though each breed has certain personality traits, all adult dogs personalities are conditioned by the environment in which they are raised and the training they receive. 
There are personality tests that you may perform which will reveal the temperament of the puppy before you decide to adopt.  These tests are only guides to help you in making your choice. While there is no guarantee or fool proof test that is 100% accurate, this test will definitely serve as a basic guide. 

 To assist you in interpreting the test results we have described the basic dog temperaments for you. 

  1. Dominant - The dominant dog is one that usually rebels against all authority. This dog should not be purchased as a pet. It will make a perfect guard/watch dog if properly trained by an experienced trainer.  
  2. Independent - The independent dog requires a lot of training. He is not recommended with children.  He usually needs a specific job and does it quite well if properly handled.
  3.  Docile - The docile dog is even tempered, obedient, allows you to channel their energy. This dog is very stable, will do very well with children and family environments.
  4. Tractable - The tractable dog is also even tempered, can have an overly needy personality. This dog has an increased need for attention and affection. He will also do exceptionally well in family situations and with children. 
  5. Unpredictable - The unpredictable dog is just as his name describes. They are anxious, and will misbehave at a drop. This dog is a definite no, no with children.

Each basic dog temperament has its positives and negatives. It is up to you to decide what basic personality you are in search of and know that all dogs thrive from consistency and stable environment. So whatever your needs or plans are for him make sure that you are willing, able, and committed to following through.

Now lets perform the test and look at the results to see what type of dog or puppy you may have or may be adopting. You may perform this teat on pups as young as 6-8 weeks of age. Your number score corresponds with the number above. If your score is mostly comprised of 1s then you have a Dominant, 2s Independent, 3s Docile, 4s Clingy, and 5s Unpredictable.

The Test
How Social is Your Dog?

Put the puppy on the floor, move away and then call the pup with a clicking noise or clap.

  1. Comes to you, jumps around a
  2. Comes immediately with its tail hung high
  3. Comes to you and wags its tail
  4. Comes to you with its tail held low
  5. Doesnt respond  

How Does the Dog Follow?

Move around the dog closely, then move from its field of vision, do not call the dog.

  1. Follows you, gnawing at your feet
  2. Follows you with its tail hung high
  3. Follows you with its tail held low
  4. Follows you, hesitating somewhat, its tail held low
  5. Doesnt follow at all  

Will the Dog Allow Constraint?

Turn the dog over on its back. Hold the dog down gently by putting your hand over its chest.

  1. Resist, struggles, growls and chews.
  2. Resist, struggles, but no growling or chewing
  3. Resist at first, then clams down immediately and accepts.
  4. Doesnt resist at all
  5. Repeats a cycle of resisting, claming down, resisting, claming down while growling and struggling.  

Will the Dog Accept Dominance?

Pet the pup starting at the head and continuing down the neck and back.

  1. Jumps around, growling, scratching and biting
  2. Jumps around and scratches
  3. Turns to you and licks your hands
  4. Turns over on its back and licks your hands
  5. Jumps around and moves away  

Will your Dog Allow Lifting?

Pick the puppy up from the floor using both hands around its chest.

  1. Turns around quickly and bites
  2. Turns around quickly but does not bite
  3. Turns around and licks your hands
  4. Doesnt turn around at all
  5. Resist, shakes, calms down, growls or bites and then licks your hands

Tally the Results

As with any personality test you will probably not get a perfect 5 out of 5 result, the majority rules. The majority of a certain number points toward that being the basic trait in the dog.

It is my personal opinion that a 4 and 5 make the best English Bulldog Companion. This is the score we look for when evaluating our dogs.

Please note that even the "Ideal Puppy" can develop undesirable
traits if not properly trained and raised.

Be aware that these results are relative to each individual. It is possible to mismatch personalities with your own. Dominant owners are better suited to raise a 1 or 2. While a 3 or 4 is better raised by a submissive personality. When personalities are mismatched the dog will tend to lean more to their individual traits and either becomes more submissive or more aggressive when raised by their opposites. Like personalities co-habitating together tend to compliment each other.





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